CEV patients

The materials linked below support your patients who are deemed "clinically extremely vulnerable" to COVID-19, as announced by Ministry of Health in recent weeks. This group was given priority to register for vaccine, ahead of their age-based cohorts.

The CEV groups included are based on evidence from other jurisdictions, B.C. data and were informed by B.C. clinicians. Clinical registries such as from BC Cancer, BC Renal and other health administrative data such as PharmaNet were utilized to assist letters getting to patients in the CEV grouping. The majority of patients who are in these groups should receive a letter informing them of their eligibility.

Materials include:

  1. A Fact Sheet –includes the listing of the conditions included in the CEV group
  2. A sample of the letter that patients will receive from Dr. Henry
  3. The "Attestation Letter" – which you can fill out and send or give to patients who are in the CEV group but for whom a letter has not yet arrived.

    • If you are a member of NNPBC, the letter can be found here.
    • If you are NOT a member of NNPBC, please email info@nnpbc.com for a copy of the letter.


If patients have not received a letter by April 15th, they should visit the "get vaccinated" website or speak to a call centre operator to check their eligibility as the system should recognize them. If they are not identified and you agree that they should be in one of the CEV sub-groups, then please provide them with an Attestation Letter to support them in earlier access to vaccination than might otherwise happen for their age group.

More information is available on the BCCDC website and on the Government COVID-19 website.