NNPBC Membership

Voluntary Membership Fees for 2020

Since it was established in 2018, NNPBC has continued to evolve as an organization that represents all nursing designations (licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses) and to meet the needs of BC nurses.

Please note as of July 1, 2020 half-year fees apply. Full membership fees begin again starting January 1, 2021.

2020 Regular Membership Fees (half-year: July 1 - December 31)

Membership Half-year Fee
NNPBC $30.00
Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) $31.83
Sub-total $61.83
GST 5% $64.92

If you did not join NNPBC/CNA when completing your BCCNM (College) registration (e.g. any LPN), you may do so now by clicking the button below.

We look forward to continuing to represent all four nursing designations as we work to advance the profession and influence health and social policy and we hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

Non-Practising Members:

NNPBC welcomes nurses of all designations with non-practising status. Nurses who are non-practising DO have the right to vote in elections and at general meetings but can not run for Council elections.
The fees for non-practising nurses are:

   Non-Practising nurses half year fee (July 1 - December 31):  $15.00 for NNPBC;  $31.83 for CNA = $46.83 + 5% GST = $49.17

Associate Members:

Student, retired members are considered Associate Members of NNPBC. Associate Members do not have voting rights and will not be able to run for election on Councils or vote in elections are at general meetings. Annual fees for Associate Members are outlined below.
   Student nurses:  $15.00 + GST annually for NNPBC. CNA does not accept student membership.

   Retired nurses/non-practising half year fee (July 1 - December 31):  $15.00 for NNPBC;  $31.83 for CNA = $46.83 + 5% GST = $49.17


If you have questions about NNPBC membership, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at info@nnpbc.com.