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2021 NNPBC Annual General Meeting

Councillor Candidates - RN Council

Island Councillor
Erin Ellis
Angela Wignall

Education Councillor
Lynn Musto
Carla Tilley


Indigenous Councillor
Leona Smith - Acclaimed

Interior Councillor
Mary Kjorven - Acclaimed

CNS Councillor
Meaghan Thumath - Acclaimed

Northern Councillor


2021 AGM:   RN Council - Island Councillor

Angela Wignall

I became a nurse because I'm passionate about advancing health equity and improving population health. I've worked as a public health nurse, a perinatal nurse, educator, researcher, and leader. I hold a BSN from UVIC, a BA from York University, and an MA in Studies and Policy and Practice. I've also trained at BCIT in the Perinatal nursing program, in cultural safety and humility through PHSA, and in the NHS School for Change Agents. Today, I'm a PhD student in the School of Nursing at UVIC, where my research focuses on nursing at the intersection of policy and governance.

In my day job, I serve as the Director of Learning & Performance Support and Library Services at Island Health. I'm honoured to lead the Innovation Lab, advancing nurse-led innovation. I’ve also served as Director in Indigenous Health with a mandate to advance anti-racism strategy and as strategic advisor to the Chief Nurse Executive.

I have served as the Island member for the past two years and have contributed in multiple ways. From policy briefs, to blogs and providing webinars, I have been an active member of the Council. I am passionate about advocating for nursing as a profession and shining a spotlight on the unique and critical contributions of nurses.

As an RN Councillor at NNPBC, I will continue to champion the incredible work of nursing from bedside to boardroom and to use my skills, experience, and passion to advance our profession.

2021 AGM:   RN Council - Education Councillor

Dr. Carla Tilley, RN, BScN, MN, PhD(c), EdD.

I was an educator before I became a nurse. Today I am an educator (40 years), researcher, and an advanced practice registered nurse (over 22 years).

My nursing practice has included working in small, rural, and remote hospitals all the way through to tertiary care. I have learned that in rural settings a patient assignment for an RN can include a child, a fresh post-op client, a variety of medical clients all while you are managing the ER department for any walk-ins. You come to know your community well and they assign you a level of trust unlike anywhere else.

In tertiary care, one of my favorite roles was in adult ICU. It is the challenge of keeping someone alive through technology and the dedication of the brilliant minds working as a fine-tuned team that relies on everyone knowing their role and responsibilities.

Over these many years I have also held many different leadership roles both within education and nursing. Today I hold a full-time professor position within the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program while simultaneously supporting other post-secondary programs with the delivery of courses including in a master’s program.

My passion is teaching and supporting learners at any level. My area of specialty is in online and distance education and curriculum development. My area of focus in research is with internationally educated nurses and how we can support these brilliant nurses to transition into Canadian practice settings.

2021 AGM:   RN Council - Island Councillor

Erin Ellis

Erin Ellis is a Registered Nurse who currently works in Medical Imaging - Interventional Radiology at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General Hospital in Victoria, BC. Erin started her nursing career as a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario. She pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Ontario Tech University and a Critical Care Certificate at Durham College. Erin spent 9.5 years working in Critical Care before moving to Medical Imaging. She has most recently embarked on pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing with a Professional Practice Leadership focus at Ontario Tech University. Erin is passionate about promoting excellence in nursing practice and would like to empower nurses to actively influence and shape decisions that affect the profession and the public they serve. Erin hopes to represent the interests and concerns of Vancouver Island nurses at council meetings. When Erin isn’t working or studying, she enjoys training for triathlons and spending time with her mini-dachshund - Tilly.

2021 AGM:   RN Council - Indigenous Councillor

Leona Smith -  Acclaimed

Leona Smith (taaʔisimqa) RN(c), MSN is a Professional Practice Leader, Clinical Education at First Nations Health Authority. She has been with the FNHA for seven clinical and education experience to her portfolio. Leona holds a Master of Science in Advanced Nursing Practice and holds remote certification designation as a registered nurse.

Throughout her 22 years of practicing as a registered nurse, Leona has worked in acute medical/surgical, daycare surgery, and home and community care. She has also taught at Vancouver Island University, Douglas College and University of British Columbia. Her passion is to ensure that all nurses enter into practice with a solid understanding of the history of colonization of the Indigenous people of Canada and BC. Especially the detrimental impacts colonization has had on their health and health outcomes.

Leona's hope for the future of nursing is that all nurses have some formal or informal (i.e. through a knowledge keeper) training in cultural safety and trauma informed care. She believes that it is through lived experience that learners will learn best about the history of Indigenous people.

2021 AGM:   RN Council - Education Councillor

Lynn Musto

My name is Lynn Musto and I have worked as an Assistant Professor at Trinity Western University since 2014. From 1988 – 2011 I worked with adults and adolescents in acute care mental health. During that time I worked as a direct care provider, a Patient Care Coordinator, and a Clinical Nurse Educator. In 2011, I entered the PhD program at UBC and had the privilege of being present in the early stages of the formation of the ARNBC. My passions include the desire to support professional practice and advance nursing in this Province. I believe we can accomplish these goals by taking a multipronged approach that includes the mentorship of nursing students beginning in the classroom and extending to the clinical placements. We also need to have a strong and thriving professional association to role model advocacy for the profession of nursing and effective health policy. If elected, I look forward to serving nurses in the Province by working collaboratively with members of the council to address professional issues and represent the interests and concerns of nursing educators in BC.

2021 AGM:   RN Council - Interior Councillor

Mary Kjorven -  Acclaimed

Dr. Mary Kjorven is a Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist in Geriatrics and a Nurse Continence Advisor with Interior Health. She graduated with her BsN from Okanagan University College in 1998, her MsN from UBC Okanagan in 2009 and her PhD in Nursing from UBC Okanagan in 2020. She has focused her nursing practice on care of older adults across health sectors including acute, community and long-term care. Her research interests include risk, older adults, delirium and incontinence.

Mary is honoured to be nominated to serve as the Interior Health representative on the NNPBC RN council. Mary's expertise includes a clear understanding of the distinct and separate roles of the nursing regulator, the nursing professional association and the nursing union and is committed to collaborative relationships with all nursing stakeholders. The mandate of the Registered Nursing (RN) council: 1) to collaborate amongst RNs to establish consistent recommendations and responses to common and or emerging nursing issues in British Columbia, and 2) to work collaboratively and reciprocally with the NNPBC Board to ensure the RN voice is heard in all health and social policy discussions and that the RN perspective is recognized as one key component of the nursing profession in the province of BC fits with Mary’s interest, knowledge, skills and passion.

2021 AGM:   RN Council - CNS Councillor

Meaghan Thumath -  Acclaimed

Meaghan Thumath is a registered nurse and Clinical Assistant Professor at the UBC School of Nursing passionate about advancing health equity and human rights in the nursing community. For over a decade Meaghan has provided public health nursing expertise and humanitarian aid to international organizations such as WHO, the World Bank and the Global Fund to End AIDS, TB and Malaria supporting health equity in West and Central Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. In Canada, she has served as the Chief of Staff to the Minister of Mental Health and Addiction and as a Senior Practice Leader at the BC Centre for Disease Control working on the overdose response, HIV, sexual health and human rights. She most recently supported the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response in South Africa and the Ebola Response in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). She is currently a Clinical Advisor for Vulnerable Populations for Vancouver Coastal Health’s COVID-19 Response and an active member of the WHO Emergencies Programme (WHE) Emergency Roster and the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU).

2021 AGM:   RN Council - Northern Councillor

Rylee Webster -  Acclaimed