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Upcoming Webinars

2022 Time Webinar Details
April 26 4:30 - 5:30pm PT General A-Z:  Ask Me Anything - Financial Management members only
April 29 8:00 - 8:45am PT Clinical Corner:  What's going on with Nexplanon? Clinical considerations for contraceptive implants. members only
May 13 8:00am PT Clinical Corner:  IUD Updates members only
May 20 8:00am PT Clinical Corner: Weight Neutrality in Obese and Overweight Women - Primary Care Considerations members only
May 24 4:30pm PT General A-Z:  Improving Diabetes Adherence: A Mental Health Perspective members only
June 3 8:00am PT Clinical Corner:  Infertility members only
June 17 8:00am PT Clinical Corner:  Thyroid Disease members only
July 8 9:00am PT Clinical Corner:  Am I Pregnant? members only

Past Public Webinars

Webinar Details Recording
Climate Change Series: Nurses & Climate Change: Solutions for Action
Working With Limited Resources

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Climate Change Webinar Series

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