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Remote Nursing

About Remote Nursing

Remote Nursing Certified Practice frequently (but not necessarily) occurs in communities where there is no resident physician or nurse practitioner, but where physicians or nurse practitioners visit the community periodically and are available to provide consultation to the registered nurse.

RNs certified in Remote Nursing must also be certified in Sexually Transmitted Infections and Contraceptive Management.

RNs with Remote Nursing Certified Practice designation:

  • diagnose and treat a limited number of minor acute illness (including administering and/or dispensing Schedule I medications within their autonomous scope of practice) as set out in the DSTs, and carry out all activities included in reproductive health certification.


Remote Nursing Certified Practice resources include:

  • Competencies for Remote Nursing Certified Practice
  • Adult and Pediatric DSTs
  • The resources included as part of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Contraceptive Management