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Diversity and Inclusion: June is PRIDE Month

We are grateful for history as it reminds society to reflect on past wrongs, avoid repeating, and trailblaze. NNPBC recognizes and celebrates PRIDE month and all of those who have paved the way to where we are today, and to those who will advocate for the future.

How did we get here?

In Canada: The passing of Bill C-150

The Vancouver Pride Society reminds us of how we got to where we are today. 50 years and still fighting: In 1967, Everett Klippert was declared a dangerous sexual offender and sentenced to indefinite detention (life in prison) for consensual homosexual sex, otherwise known as gross indecency, sparking a national conversation. On May 14, 1969, Bill C-150 (Criminal Law Amendment Act) passed in the House of Commons, ‘decriminalizing’ private homosexual acts between consenting men over the age of 21. It received Royal Assent on June 27th, one day before the Stonewall Riots took place. And it is troubling to note that Klippert was not released until 1971.

In the US: June 1969, location: Stonewall Inn, a “gay” bar in Greenwich Village, New York City was the start of the Stonewall riots, where violent demonstrations broke out following a police raid of the Stonewall Inn. The riots erupted in response to the need for equal treatment, equal protection under the law, and equal policing of those laws. June 2019 represents the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Vancouver Pride Society reminds us that progress has not been a singular event, and that monumental gains have happened because of “collective dreams, actions and battles for liberation across time” and encourage the use of their hashtag on social media: #stillfighting50

NNPBC recognizes, supports, and advocates for dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation, and visibility of all persons and communities, and condemns discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, sexual diversity, gender, and gender variance. Through our advocacy, NNPBC promotes diversity, equity, and dissolution of barriers, especially for the LGBTQAI2S+ communities.



What do you love most about nursing?

Nursing is a wonderful career that offers many opportunities to help people improve their health. There are so many different areas to work and you can always explore new roles in various work sites. I have worked in ICU, labour and delivery, home care, public health nursing and population health and I have enjoyed all of these roles.

What challenges do you face in your work?

There are challenges in our society to create supportive environments for health. Sometimes the easy choice is not the healthy choice. I have worked in tobacco reduction for the last 10 years and it’s still difficult to compete with the powerful and constant messaging from tobacco companies to sell these very addictive and harmful products to our youth.

What is your biggest wish for nursing in B.C.?

I hope that our health care system continues to support nurses to be a key part of the health care team with an focus on prevention and self-management to help people reduce the use of acute care and live healthy lives. Let’s implement systems to help people leave the hospital or their physicians office with a plan to improve their health. I hope that nurses continue to be trained in our universities and colleges with education and practice including critical thinking skills, an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, excellent communication skills and a focus on mental wellness.

I have been a nurse for 40 years and I’m so happy I chose this career. I have always had access to employment opportunities that gave me fulfilling work, a salary to support my life and many great relationships with co-workers.

About Nancy

Originally from Ontario, Lindsay started her nursing career with Northern Health in 2006 as a Public Health Nurse. Since then, Lindsay has branched out in a variety of leadership roles both within and outside Northern Health, including Public Health Resource Nurse, Supervisor with Options for Sexual Health, Community Influenza Contract Nurse, and work at the local long-term care facility.

Where do you work?

I work for Northern Health Authority in Terrace, B.C as a Regional Nursing Lead -Tobacco Reduction on the Population & Preventative Public Health Team.

What do you like most about where you work?

I love that my job involves upstream thinking and focuses the health and well-being of our northern communities. I have the ability to work with many different people and groups across the north and all over the province to better serve and deliver health care. I love learning from my patients and colleagues to expand my knowledge and grow as an RN.